Company Background

PSC began by providing celebrity and executive protection in 1985, since then PSC has grown to provide security services in wide reaching market segments.

Company Background

Professional Security Consultants (PSC) was founded in 1985 by Moshe Alon, a former Israeli Secret Service Agent. PSC began as a consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies that dealt with the threats of terrorism worldwide. In the coming years, PSC expanded operation to Executive Protection, Event Planning and Management.In 1991, PSC secured a contract in the shopping center industry. In 1999, CASE Global was formed in order to develop computerized solutions as a risk management tool for the security industry. Currently, PSC is licensed in over 40 US States and has a presence in Europe and the Middle East. PSC headquartered in Los Angeles, California and employ over 4,000 officers in the U.S. We are a service-oriented organization, whose primary duty is to protect and serve the general community as they work or patronize our facilities. Our commitment to this duty will be maintained through the highest standards of professionalism through our words and deeds.


PSC has been certified by:

  • Homeland Security under the Safety Act for the security service and for our Case Global technology.
  • American Heart Association
  • BSIS Bureau of Security and investigative Services
  • Licensed in over 40 US States


PSC currently provides security guard service to approximately 100 malls, government municipalities, hotels, private communities, other government facilities and has operations in across the US. We have been providing such service since 1991. We provide security services to some of the largest mall operators including Westfield. In addition we provide security services to the Federal Government and to Fortune 500 Companies which include consulting, executive protection, and event planning services since 1985 worldwide.

PSC Goals

PSC will provide a quality, well trained security force with a management team dedicated to the client. We will create a special synergy and partnership with the client. We will learn the unique needs of your community and together will develop a specialized and comprehensive solution plan that will result in cost efficiency and improved productivity. We will utilize our special capabilities in the field of computer programs, CCTV automation system and 20 years of providing officers for the shopping center industry.We believe in complete transparency and will provide you with full access to our uniquely developed technology which will allow you to monitor officer attendance and payroll discrepancies, officer location while on duty, officer training modules, vehicles and equipment maintenance records.In addition, we will perform a periodic geographic area analysis with the Promenade for each individual area utilizing the statistics gathered from the field which will result with an action plan.